12½. Coronavirus interruption!

I was checking the weather forecast all week – this weekend was going to be the best weather since last summer. Come Thursday I was about to book a day off on Friday so I could do three walks this weekend. Fantastic!

At 1:30am on Friday morning I was awoken by the sound of coughing. Since I live on my own that was a bit disturbing, until as I fully awoke I realised it was me. In addition, someone seemed to have been whacking my legs and arms with a baseball bat all night, they were aching so much. An occasional blow must have glanced off my head as well, because that was throbbing like a Dr Who Alien Blob. To top it all off, I was shivering and sweating at the same time. So, it had finally arrived!

Chatting on Facebook one of my friends suggested a “Coronovirus Blog”, which I initially dismissed. But then thought, actually that’s a pretty cool idea. So if you’re interested in how the virus and isolation affects a stupid fifty-something year old, head on over…..


7 thoughts on “12½. Coronavirus interruption!

  1. That’s really bad news for you.
    Sounds worse than the normal flu so go careful. Nobody seems to be doing any testing to be absolutely sure.
    It is so annoying that you couldn’t get Paracetamol, hopefully, your friends may be able to help out.
    There is not much else you can do except sit it out.
    All the very best and I look forward to your full recovery.
    Regards John.

  2. Great read, thanks Paul. If I was closer, I’d offer support mate. I really hope you get plenty of paracetamol, I guess a pharmacist can prioritise you if you contact them?
    Good luck pal, your blog continues to be super intriguing.

  3. Looks like you might be able to get under way again from Wednesday? I believe the Government has now said we can travel anywhere in England for exercise from Wednesday. Though not sure if we will be allowed to use public transport, so I guess you might have to do a circular walk or there and back?

    1. Yeah, I posted something very similar on Conrad’s blog. I downloaded the 60 page guide and searched for “transport” and sure enough we’re discouraged from using public transport, although not banned. Whether buses are actually running out in the sticks is another thing of course!? There’s still loads running in Manc, and trams, but they’re mostly empty, so perhaps….

      The alternative of a there-and-back walk is not nearly so appealing after driving 60 miles to get there, when you’re trying to get the miles in! I could do with a foldable electric bike like Ruth’s got really…

    2. Hi Jon, I finally did another section!… well, half a section anyway. I bought a folding bike online (not a posh electric one like Ruth’s unfortunately) which arrived yesterday.
      So today I drove to Hest Bank, just north of Morecambe, cycled down to Sandylands (just north of Heysham) where I left off over two months ago, and walked back to my car.
      I haven’t had a bike in years, and I have to admit the 6 miles cycling killed me! Good job I decided to start off with a short 6 miler ??
      But anyway, I’m back on the trail, and no longer dependent on public transport.

      1. Good to see you are out on the coast again.
        Maybe your fitness is still suffering from the virus of a few weeks ago, people seem to be taking longer than expected to get back to good health.
        Hope you are not too saddle sore tomorrow.

        1. Thanks BC. I went for a run about 4 days ago and my lungs were definitely on reduced capacity! Considering I used to be an athlete I was ashamed at my performance!? However I think the terrible cycling ability is down to not having done it in 10 years! I definitely will be saddle sore too!

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