Well, mostly birds. I know what most animals look like, having been very engaged in those lessons in primary school, but I don’t really know the first thing about birds! As I spot one I try to look it up to see what it is, and some of them I’ve even learnt so I can recognise them in later walks. However, to be honest I’m not really very interested in them!

Anyway, here are some nice drawings of the birds I’ve spotted so far on my walks, with the number of the walking section when I spotted them, or at least mentioned them.

There’s an occasional animal in there too!

Black headed gull (1)
Egret (10)
These are quite common now in the UK, very pretty!
Golden plover (10)
Kestrel (4)
Rabbit (10)
Common starfish (8)
Tortoiseshell (22)
Gatekeeper (21)
Crow (6)
I just love these guys!
Emu. Yes, really! (10)
In a field in Knott End
Hare (10)
I’d never seen one of these before.
Oyster catcher (4)
Cormorant (20)
Essex skipper (21)
Peacock caterpillar (21)
Curlew (12)
Eurasion Widgeon (11)
A pretty duck.
Herring gull (9)
Pink footed goose (4)
Pied Wagtail (13)
Mute swan (5)
Lesser Black-Backed Gull (20)
Greater Black-Backed Gull (20)
Jackdaw (25)