Wild flowers

Well, all sorts of plants actually, not all wild. I don’t know much about wildflowers to be honest, but decided I’d make a collection here of the ones I’ve seen on my walks, along with some trees, bushes, and even fungus. I use the app PlantSnap on my phone to find out what they are, which seems pretty good and is gradually getting better as it learns from new users.

Click on the picture to find out more about the plant (normally Wikipedia). The number in brackets is the number of the walk section that I found and photographed it – click on the number to go to that walk’s blog.

Lady’s Mantle… I think (7)
Crocus (8)
Blackthorn (11)
Daffodil (11)
Gorse (11)
Ivy (Hedera Helix) (11)
Scarlet elf cup (11)
Sea pink (13)
Pansy (14)
Endress Cranesbill (14)
Bugloss (14)
Yellow flag iris (14)
Dog rose (14)
Foxglove (16)
Ox eye daisy (16)
Buttercup (16)
Vetch (16)
Red Valerian (16)
Elderflower (17)
Silky wall feather moss (17)
Spear thistle (17)
Red Campion (17)
Honeysuckle (17)
Sudetic Lousewort (17)
Hawkweed (17)
Agrimony (17)
Willowherb (17)
Meadow Cranesbill (17)
Sea Lavender (17)
Starwort (21)
Ragwort (22)
Waterlily (17)
Sea Holly (26)